My (recent) journey

I haven’t blogged in forever, part of which is having five kids and a hectic wedding season, part of which is me just being lazy.

I was recently tasked with writing a blog about how and why I got to where I am. This will hopefully kickstart me into actually blogging some of the amazing weddings I’ve shot this year.

I’m going to gloss over the boring stuff, given a camera as a kid, liked taking pictures, failed GCSE photography, didn’t have much time for cameras blah blah blah up until 2009.

That was the year my eldest was born – I wanted to be able to document her growing up, her tinyness all that jazz. Now, those pictures were awful – and I mean awful. But I spent the next few years reading, practicing, studying, practicing until my son was born. Looking back, they were pretty terrible too… But I still loved it, my children were my inspiration for sure.

A few years ago I met my wife, and this is where it really kicked off. I felt love, I gained two more children, I had the passion and drive to leave my job and do it full time. Since then we have had a baby, we’re about to move for the third time in two years and our businesses are growing and growing.

Shooting my first wedding was pretty terrifying. Really terrifying. I still get nervous shooting now, but that’s because I want to constantly grow as a photographer; improve all aspects of my work and always try new things.

A wedding day is made up of lots of little stories, each part of it making the day. I wanted to document those stories. To show the emotion and love, but also to show aunty Mabel sticking her fingers up at her kids to make them laugh, the groom being thrown onto a bouncy castle, the bride when she first sees her flowers, the bride’s dad talking about his daughter the way I’m experiencing my children now.

So here I am. I have an amazing wife who supports me on this crazy journey, she’s my biggest fan, and harshest critic. I have five beautiful children who are the reason I do what I do. Oh, and I have four weddings to edit and one to prepare for on Saturday – I genuinely couldn’t be happier.

newborn baby on his dadMixture of images of families and childrenSelection of family imagesbaby seconds after it was born on his mothers chestWife pregnant and dad with daughterNewborn wrapped picturesilhouette of a pregnant woman taken with an iphonescan pictures and polaroids of pregnancynewborn photo portrait and detail of handblack and white image of children on a beachfour images of children playing in a gardenfamily pictures from a phoneblack and white headshots







Young // Child Friendly Wedding

I’ve absolutely loved sorting the images for this blog. It was a special wedding for me, which I’ll come on to, but it was also a beautiful, child friendly, wedding.

Annan // Norfolk Wedding Photographer

…then she casually mentions there will also be a hog roast, bucking bronco and a horse – A HORSE!!!

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