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2018 – Review in Pictures

I did it! I did 2018 – my first full year as a full time wedding photographer; I can honestly say, I loved it. I loved every wedding and putting this selection of images together reminded me of so many moments I’ve been lucky enough to capture.

I decided to put together my ‘best’ 100(ish). How about that for a statement.

First of all ‘best’ – best isn’t something that exists really, My wife often tells me she loves a shot and I’m unsure about it, and Vice Versa, it’s all subjective – which is the beautiful thing about wedding photography. So these are my favourite images from the year, ones I think look cool, document the essence of a person or moment, or ones which just make me laugh.

Secondly, 100(ish) – I narrowed it down from the 14,000 images I’d delivered to couples this year to around 300. Then again to about 125. Then I decided to make it 100 as that’s a nice number. But, somewhere in the uploading and sorting of them I got a bit confused. So basically, there’s at least 100 images on here. If you have time to count them all then you obviously have too much time on your hands and maybe you could help me with all these damn kids (are the holidays over yet?)

I really have shot in some wonderful venues this year, and have travelled up and down the country to do it. The Roman Baths in Bath stick out as an iconic venue especially. I was also lucky enough to travel to Almeria in Spain to shoot a destination wedding with my friend Nigel (Hi Nige).

I have been featured in a few blogs and magazines this year, which was a goal for me at the start of the year – I even managed to win best newcomer at The Wedding Industry Awards in November, which I was super pleased about. I’ve met some amazing people; brides, grooms, guests, aunts, best men – these are the people who really make a wedding.

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture some real moments at your wedding then I’d love to have a chat about covering your day – I still have availability for some dates in 2019, also taking bookings for 2020.



  1. Albert Palmer

    SO many great moments in here – wishing you the very best for 2019! I can’t wait to see what you get up too.

    • BGS Weddings

      Thanks so much!

    • bgsphotography

      Thanks! I’ve been lucky to be a part of so many moments!

  2. Dona Tracy

    In a word? WOW! I am speechless at the way you capture life. Your photography is incredible.

  3. Tom Beynon

    Wonderful set. I love the shot of the bride with the guest in the oxygen mask.

  4. Helen Lisk

    Aw fabulous! So much emotion in these images. And I love that first bridal prep shot!

  5. Chris

    Gorgeous photos! Liking your colours! Very nice!

  6. Lee Dann

    Lovely work. You must be proud with how 2018 panned out.

    • bgsphotography

      Thank you! I sure am, always looking to learn and grow though

  7. Andrew Keher

    A great set of images, you must be really chuffed with your first year full-time in this crazy business! Love the blokes on the bouncy castle- well-timed capture 🙂 All the best for 2019!

  8. Olivia Whittaker

    Gorgeous images love the colours in your edits

  9. Rob Dodsworth

    Boom – what a set, so much fun and colour – loved it!

  10. Claudia Rose Carter

    Awesome work dude! Especially love the bouncy castle, and the sunglasses shot. Love the sense of clarity too in your work. Smashed it 🙂 Here’s to an equally special 2019

  11. Zo

    So many great moments, fab stuff!


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