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Documentary Wedding Photographer
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As you can tell from my site, I firmly believe that documentary wedding photography is best. Natural, real moments from the day, documented as they happen.

Facebook is a wonderful thing filled with wonderful people. Well, it’s not really, it’s filled with a lot of egos, drama and nonsense. There are literally hundred and hundreds of photography groups on there, one of the best ones being “Photographers Keeping it Real”. It’s a place where documentary wedding photographers post some amazing work; there truly is the best of the best in there.

Four times a year they hold awards and hand out prizes – I entered the winter awards and won two!

Documentary wedding photographer awards blog with two winning awards

This was a pretty big deal, but THEN, they only went and asked me to be a judge for the SpringĀ Awards! How cool is that. So this morning I sat down and went through all of the entries and made my picks – which was pretty difficult I might add. Narrowing down the unbelievably good entries to the required amount was very tricky. I’ve sent them off now so hopefully it won’t be long until everyone finds out.

Also, yes I can enter, no, I can’t vote for my own. I tried…

Good luck everyone!


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