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This is where it all began. My very first wedding. I met Emma and Dean through my wife who had worked with Emma in a previous life, she was due to be married and was looking for a wedding photographer. Luckily, I’d very recently made the decision to go full time photographing weddings – so it all worked out pretty nicely. Off I headed to Grantham, Lincolnshire in anticipation.

Once I arrived Liz (my wife – had already started on the hair and make-up, one of my favourite parts of any wedding day. I especially love the challenge of working in a small environment, looking for beautiful light – I was especially pleased with the silhouette shots. The wedding was quite an emotional one as, unfortunately, Emma’s father had recently passed away. In the morning her mum gave her a necklace to remind her of her dad, and I’ll admit there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

The speeches were also all sorts of emotional, as someone stepped in to deliver the speech Emma’s dad had written. Again, no dry eyes to be found. Once we got the very tasty meal out of the way we had a bit of a break so I could get some couple shots – which is a really important thing to remember when planning the timeline of the day, if you want some beautiful couple portraits then we need to have time.

Special shoutout to Emma’s mum, Sue – who, after finding out I was shooting a wedding in Wales later on in the year, decided to teach me loads of Welsh swear words. They came in very handy.

The casino was brought out and Emma and Dean had a bit of a flutter, then after the first dance there was a little surprise for Dean; Emma, her bridesmaids, mum, and seemingly 20 other people, had all been secretly choreographing a dance to Beyonce’s ‘Love on Top’, which went down a storm and was a perfect way to end the day. So after raiding the pick n mix (shhh, don’t tell them) I packed up my stuff and headed home. It was a really great day, full of laughs and love. I was very lucky to have such a relaxed couple to break me in to this crazy business.



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