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Covid wedding photographer

Planning a Covid Wedding?

With the ongoing global bastard (OGB) virus, you will be needing a covid wedding photographer.

You may be thinking of delaying your wedding, but still having a ceremony this year, or maybe you just want to really strip down your day and still fall within the current rules, or maybe you just really don’t like people and 15 guests is more than enough.

Well, then I have a great deal for you! 

Small | Intimate | Full of love

As you may have guessed from reading around my site, I genuinely believe that your wedding should be about you; not the wedding you think you should have.

Now, the OGB has kind of meant that you have certain parameters to work within (current rules state 15 guests are allowed, and that doesn’t include staff), but it doesn’t mean you can’t still get married, have your very closest friends and family with you, and create some amazing memories from your Covid wedding photographer (me)

The small number of intimate weddings I have done have been really great, you still have the love that you both have for each other, you can still get married at some really cool places, and you can still have some really awesome pictures.



Barney put everyone at ease and took some amazing photos at our wedding. He naturally seems to know when to be visible and when to blend in with all the guests. This resulted in some amazing natural photos which captured the moment perfectly.

Cheryl and Roy

Wedding Photographer

My style of wedding photography is relaxed, natural and documentary. I don’t direct anything on the day, contrive situations, or pose people and tell them to mention dairy. If you want to see some reasons for booking a documentary wedding photographer (me) then take a look here.

Natural photography really is best, and with such a small guest list, you will want everyone to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, this lends itself exactly to how I shoot.

Covid Wedding Photographer Pricing

As with my full day packages, you will receive all of the edited images digitally, an online gallery, and a slideshow of the very best. 

The base package is for 2 hours of coverage, and is £250. You can then tailor the package to your exact needs by adding any of the following specially priced add-ons.

Large Album

25cm x 25cm lay flat album


Extra Coverage


£100 per hour

Boxed Prints

50 9×6 prints in a presentation box


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I'll create beautiful memories for you

I'd love to hear all about your day and how I will fit in with it

Real Moments from Weddings

I don't intrude, don't set up moments, I just document the natural ones which happen

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