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Escrick Park Wedding

What can I say about Craig and Lili? Two of the most genuine and laid back people I’ve ever met. From the moment we met I was excited about their wedding; an outdoor ceremony, a teepee, hay bales all in the lovely grounds of Escrick Park, York.

Once the day came I had a few shots (pictures) with the guys in the morning, an usher had flown over from Australia to be there, so there were plenty of laughs while they were catching up. Then, on to Grimston House where Lili was getting ready. Her family had flown over from China a few days previously and were obviously excited to see their daughter get married. Grimston House is a great venue for prep, lots of space, lots of light, a lovely front door and a few elephant statues kicking around for me to balance rings on.

The woodland area of Escrick Park is such a beautiful setting for a blessing, all enclosed in woods, plenty of seating, surrounded by purple flowers (which definitely have a name, but it escapes me at the moment). A blessing by a family friend, which included a toilet paper based metaphor, followed. Two lovely readings, well, I assume they were both lovely as one was delivered in Mandarin – Lili’s parents seemed happy though.

Then followed a relaxing afternoon of basking in the sun, while documenting lovely moments between a very loving couple surrounded by close friends and families. The speeches were definitely the best bit; Firstly, Craig had secretly spent months learning Mandarin so he could deliver a speech in Lili’s native tongue. Well, I think you could tell from her reaction how much this meant to her. Then, he pulled out a twenty year old Goofy (not silly, actually Goofy) hat which was all part of some deal made with his parents and delivered the rest of his speech.

What an amazing day – Congratulations Craig and Lili, and a massive thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.


Left Groom's wedding watch, Right, black and white of Groom preparing with his groomsmen Bride having her hair done, usher having his bow tie done up Wedding rings on an elephant sculpture Close up of an engagement ring being work as the bride prepares for her wedding Wedding invites which say Lili & Craig Invites and wedding rings Bride having her hair done on the morning of her wedding Wedding rings surrounded by flowers Bridal prep shots taken on the morning of their wedding Bride's necklace she received from her groom Bride holding her flowers on the morning of her wedding Bride pouring champagne on the morning of her wedding Father of the bride laughing with the father of the groom Details of an Escrick Park Wedding including signs and confetti Guests arriving at a wedding ceremony at Escrick Park Two guests arriving at an outdoor wedding ceremony at Escrick Park Groom laughing nervously before his marriage Bride's parents waiting for her to arrive at a wedding ceremony Bride with her bridesmaids standing next to their wedding car before getting married Bride composing herself before walking down the aisle Groom's reaction to his bride walking down the aisle Bride reacting to a funny moment during their wedding ceremony Groom putting on his bride's wedding ring, bride and groom kissing after being announced man and wife Groom's sister giving a speech during a wedding ceremony Vicar holding a roll of toilet paper during a wedding ceremony Family and close friends of the bride and groom looking on as they get married Guests at a wedding smiling Bride's sister giving a speech during their wedding Bride's family reacting to a speech during a wedding ceremony Bride and Groom kissing after their wedding ceremony Bride, father of the bride and father of the groom at an Escrick Park Wedding Bride and groom walking out from their ceremony at Escrick Park Bride holding a bouquet on her wedding day Naked wedding cake with a pink rose on Images of guests enjoying themselves at a wedding Bride and her father formal shot at Escrick Park Groom and sister, Usher carrying the groom while groomsmen look on Black and white images, a bridesmaid looking at her bride, reflection of a bridesmaid in glasses Three images of a bride and groom during couple portraits on a wedding day at Escrick Park Two origami cranes used as name places Three images of guests enjoying themselves at a wedding Usher waiting outside ready to announce the bride and groom into the teepee Bride and groom entering their reception room Bride and groom embracing with a sunburst behind them Three shots during a groom speech Groom giving a speech in the bride's mother tongue, her crying Bride reacting to her Groom's speech Black and white image of a groom reading his speech from an iPad Groom wearing a goofy hat while giving a speech Groom giving a speech at his wedding Bride holding her glass up for a toast Best man giving a speech and the bride and groom laughing Best man giving a speech and bride and groom laughing Image of a bet wedding guests had on how long speeches would last Escrick Park Wedding Photographer two images of a cake cutting


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