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Ely Cathedral Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer at Ely Cathedral

Living where I do, I’m really well placed to travel up and down the country; I was recently asked to be an Ely Cathedral wedding photographer. I have family who live in Ely, so I could even tie it in with a visit to them.

For some reason, I had in my head that Ely was a bit like Cambridge, maybe a little smaller. Imagine my confusion when, as I was driving there, the sat-nav told me I was three minutes away from the Cathedral, and I was still driving in the middle of nowhere… Ely is MUCH smaller than I thought, but still, it is a really beautiful place. Ely Cathedral dominates the skyline as you enter – if you haven’t been, you definitely should visit!

Intimate Wedding

Sebastian and Eleanor were planning a wedding, obviously with the Ongoing Global Bastard virus, they had to make some changes; to both the number of attendees, and the date. They didn’t let it deter them though, they had always dreamt about getting married at Ely Cathedral, they were very pleased when they managed to get all that signed off and they could be wed in the beautiful venue.

Both Eleanor and Sebastian are truly lovely people; really very happy and genuinely pleased to be getting married to each other – surrounded by their closest family. This is exactly how these small weddings should be, full of love and happiness, just slightly different to the original plan – it just goes to show though, plan B doesn’t mean ‘lesser’, just different.

Bridesmaids, groomsmen, speeches, first dances and cake cutting can all wait – the most important thing is marrying the person you love (and having some beautiful images of it happening)

I’ll be honest, I miss the canapes, but… you know… I can deal with it when I get to shoot such beautiful weddings as these.

Ely Cathedral – Bask in its glory

Ely Cathedral has its origins in AD 672, when St Etheldreda built an abbey church. The present building dates back to 1083 and was granted cathedral status in 1109. Its most notable feature is the central octagonal tower, with lantern above, which provides a unique internal space and, along with the West Tower, dominates the surrounding landscape

The cathedral is built from stone quarried from Barnack in Lincolnshire (bought from Peterborough Abbey for 8000 eels a year), with decorative elements carved from Purbeck Marble and local clunch. In 1845 Edward Sparke, son of the bishop Bowyer Sparke, and himself a canon, spearheaded a major campaign to re-glaze the cathedral with coloured glass. At that time there was hardly any medieval glass.

Photographer in Ely

Being a documentary wedding photographer, I don’t set things up, or contrive situations (unless that’s your thing), I like to shoot weddings from the inside out. I want to feel like one of the guests – I find that makes the actual guests relax around me, and I can get really natural wedding photographs.

I love to use a wide angle lens, and use compositions which tell a story through the image captured. If you’d like to read some reasons to book a documentary wedding photographer (me) – then take a look here.

If you’re looking for an Ely cathedral wedding photographer – or, indeed, any wedding photographer, then contact me and let’s chat about how I can document your day.

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