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Grace and Ed | Surprise Wedding

Surprise wedding

A few months back I had an enquiry for a christening, I love shooting those, babies are often confused about being sprinkled with water and it’s kind of like a wedding because everyone is happy, and the parents get to spend some time with all of their family and friends.

Grace and Ed decided it was so much like a wedding that they should split the cost of the church and get married too. I jest, financial reasons were not a consideration. Shortly after booking the christening Ed proposed,  so I was asked if I was cool with shooting a bit longer to cover it – plus, they weren’t going to tell anyone!

I casually mentioned that my talented wife is a hair and makeup artist (http://lizstaniland.co.uk) so she was booked too; making us in a very select group of people who knew what was happening.

On the day, after several messages from Liz reminding me to not to give the game away, not to tell anyone it was a wedding, basically not to talk to anyone just to be on the safe side,  I arrived as guests were arriving also – some of them wondering where Grace and George were, Ed did a great job of making up some nonsense to distract people and usher them into the church.

The vicar dutifully welcomed everyone to George’s christening, then explained that it would be a double celebration as Grace and Ed were getting married also! Seeing the realisation and confusion on everyone’s faces was such a great sight. Then, when Grace walked down the aisle, and the last few people realised what was happening, was a very special moment.

A lovely service followed, George had a little dunk in his dress, and the formalities were done.

A short walk over the road led us to Grace’s parents’ house where everyone relaxed and enjoyed the amazing food on offer, with a few murmurs of “there’ll still be a stag do right?” and “we didn’t get them a card!”.

In short, it was a truly special wedding/christening to be a part of – congratulations again guys!

If you’re looking for a natural, laid back photographer for your wedding (surprise or otherwise) then get in touch.

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