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I’m often asked to be a Rutland Hall wedding photographer; which is great. Firstly, it’s an awesome venue. Secondly, it’s roughly eight minutes from my house… They have a really great outdoor space for your ceremony, set in some beautiful grounds, with an amazing view. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer at your Rutland Hall wedding, then I’m your man.

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With an elegant indoor wedding space, fairytale garden pagoda, and expansive views of Rutland Water. Rutland Hall offers the perfect setting for your dream wedding. They will help you plan a memorable day, creating magical moments that you’ll remember forever.

At Rutland Hall they truly want to make your day very special. The Weddings on the Water Package can be adapted and personalised. They are also happy to discuss more bespoke packages with you if preferred.

Wedding Photography at Rutland HAll

Rutland Hall, Rutland

Escape to the serene Rutland Hall hotel for a countryside getaway like no other. With sweeping views of the beautiful Rutland Water, the resort is set in 70 acres of breath-taking landscaped hillside, and offers a range of amenities, including on-site activities, a leisure club, indulgent spa treatments and a stylish dining experience.

Opening its doors as a hotel in the 1990’s the property was known as Barnsdale Hall Hotel. The Main Hall was originally constructed in 1890 for the 6th Earl Fitzwilliam as a family hunting lodge. The geographical position of the hall placed it in the heart of the most prestigious fox hunts in the country; the Quorn, the Belvoir and the Cottesmore, and gave the Earl the opportunity to play host to royalty, including Edward, the late Duke of Windsor and Mrs Simpson and the cream of England’s aristocracy.

During past years, the hall fell into disrepair and passed through the hands of a variety of owners. When the twin valleys of the river Gwash were flooded in the mid 1970’s to create a reservoir, Rutland Water became Europe’s largest man-made lake and resulted in the creation of extensive nature reserves which attract a large number of endangered species, particularly the Osprey. The 80’s and 90’s saw the construction and expansion of Barnsdale Hall Hotel, with the main hall and its rich history as its centerpiece.

Changes at Rutland Hall

The Patel Family bought Barnsdale Hall Hotel in May 2020. The family set to work almost immediately to transform the resort into a widely recognised destination hotel. A major part of the investment plan came from creating a new brand identity for the hotel, to more closely represent the resort and its location. Standing proudly on the shore of Rutland Water, in September 2021, the hotel changed its name to Rutland Hall Hotel & Spa. Today, the resort continues to develop as the team strive to accomplish a vision of delivering a high quality experience in contemporary, stylish surroundings within a tranquil setting, topped off with stunning views overlooking Rutland Water, the counties crowning glory.

Book a Documentary Photographer (Me) for your wedding at Rutland Hall

There are many reasons to book a documentary photographer, like myself, to photograph your Rutland Hall wedding. A documentary wedding photographer excels at capturing the genuine moments and emotions that unfold throughout your wedding day. Rather than staging poses or orchestrating scenes, I will focus on candid shots that reflect the true essence of your celebration. From the nervous anticipation before the ceremony to the heartfelt exchanges of vows and the crazy dancing at the reception

I want to document the real, unscripted moments that make your wedding unique. I will weave together a visual narrative that tells the story of your day in a heartfelt and authentic way.

Rather than constantly directing or interrupting the flow of events, I will work discreetly in the background, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the day you have planned. This approach creates a comfortable environment, enabling natural interactions and genuine emotions to shine through. You and your loved ones can enjoy the day without feeling self-conscious or pressured, resulting in photographs that capture the true atmosphere and connections shared on your wedding day.

I this all sounds like a great idea, then simply get in touch and let me know your plans

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