Sissons Barn Wedding Photographer

Sissons Barn is a really great option for couples looking to have their day in a barn, surrounded by peaceful Fenland countryside.

Ben and Laura make a really great team, ensuring that your day goes smoothly, and exactly as you want it. Plus, they know how I like my coffee.

Sissons Barn – A Beautiful Venue

Sissons Barn is set in the peaceful Fenland countryside; they offer a truly stunning setting for your beautiful day. Exclusively yours, the spectacular barn offers the perfect mix of tradition, elegance and contemporary styling.

A venue for all seasons, comfortably holding up to 100 guests for your ceremony and 120 seated for dining. Outside, the open immaculately landscaped lawns, beautiful vast skies of Fenland and picturesque English countryside provide the perfect setting for couples’ photos and outside celebrations.

“Whatever you are planning, No two weddings should ever be the same, you get to be unique and create a bespoke day that is absolutely ‘you’, whether it is a formal affair or rustically relaxed. Have your ceremony here and spend all day with us or celebrate the day with your wedding breakfast and reception. We look forward to spending time with you and helping to make your dream wedding a reality”

Sissons Barn

The modern, romantic barn has been designed uniquely for weddings, offering an all in one venue which is flexible and bespoke to you.

They are licensed to hold civil ceremonies and partnerships, blessings and renewals of vows. How and where you choose to celebrate your wedding at Sissons Barn is entirely your decision, whether you are opting for a larger celebration or something a little smaller and more intimate.

Natural Wedding Photography at Sissons Barn

Working at Sissons Barn leaves me spoilt for choice for photography. As hopefully you know, I work in a really relaxed, natural, reportage style when taking pictures. I will always capture candid images, often with a wide angle lens and using a narrow depth of field. I use a wide range of compositions to tell the story of your wedding day. Sissons Barn complements this. Clean lines and beautiful grounds mean I don’t need to worry about extra distractions in the frame. Outdoors really lends itself for relaxed couples portraits; we’ll just go and have a casual walk around, we may even get an epic sunset to use – I love photographing those.

Book a Documentary Photographer (Me) for your wedding

There are many reasons to book a documentary photographer, like myself, to photograph your wedding. A documentary wedding photographer excels at capturing the genuine moments and emotions that unfold throughout your wedding day. Rather than staging poses or orchestrating scenes, I will focus on candid shots that reflect the true essence of your celebration. From the nervous anticipation before the ceremony to the heartfelt exchanges of vows and the crazy dancing at the reception

I want to document the real, unscripted moments that make your wedding unique. I will weave together a visual narrative that tells the story of your day in a heartfelt and authentic way.

Rather than constantly directing or interrupting the flow of events, I will work discreetly in the background, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the day you have planned. This approach creates a comfortable environment, enabling natural interactions and genuine emotions to shine through. You and your loved ones can enjoy the day without feeling self-conscious or pressured, resulting in photographs that capture the true atmosphere and connections shared on your wedding day.

I this all sounds like a great idea, then simply get in touch and let me know your plans

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