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The Old Cow Shed Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer at The Old Cow Shed

The Old Cow Shed, just outside of Melton Mowbray, is a new wedding venue for 2020 – as I live about 14 minutes away from the venue, I definitely want to be The Old Cow Shed wedding photographer in the future.

I took a quick look at the website and immediately decided I needed to go and visit; I could tell straight away that it’s a stunning venue, it has been extensively renovated, and purpose designed for weddings. Making it a pleasure for couples to plan their wedding, and AWESOME for me to photograph at.

The Old Cow Shed

The farm (Poplars farm) was bought in the 1960s by Helen’s Grandpa Frank, then, two years ago, she dragged her husband, Simon, and their kids back to Leicestershire from London. They’ve completed some extensive building and renovation work – and have something really special to show for it.

They’ve created four key areas within the venue; the shed, the courtyard, the paddock and the big barn.

A Beautiful Space for a Wedding

The Shed (13m x 6m) seats 60 people for a wedding breakfast (up to 100 in the evening). They provide tables, chairs and lighting, they’re child friendly, pet friendly, and… well… friendly people who will help out in whatever way they can. After your wedding ceremony, you can have welcome drinks and canap├ęs in the courtyard, this space is directly in between the shed and the big barn (more on that in a bit), meaning your guests don’t have to wander around and get lost, it all just makes sense

You could also use the courtyard for your ceremony, or even the wedding breakfast if you so wish. Outdoor speeches are always great, they really have a different feeling to them. Fancy having your first dance outdoors? (which you definitely should) The end of the courtyard has a covered space which houses the bar, and an area for a live band or DJ to set up in.

As I’ve always said, your wedding should be about YOU, The Old Cow Shed really is an excellent backdrop to whatever your imagination can plan.

Accommodation – Make a Weekend of it

The paddock, the big old field next to the old cow shed, is a perfect area to use during your wedding, you can set up games and deck-chairs, straw bales, a bucking bronco (these are great) – perfect for the often quiet time between the wedding ceremony and breakfast. It also doubles up and provides accommodation; there’s currently some tipis on there, offering overnight stays, but the next phase of the improvements is to build some shepherd’s huts to replace them – if they’re done to the same standard as the rest of the place (which I’m 100% sure they will) then they will be EPIC.

Finally, there’s the big barn. Downstairs, this area comprises of a dining/snug room, a kitchen and a lounge/play room – all equipped with a variety of soft furnishings and (cool) toys. A double bedroom finishes the downstairs off, then upstairs there are three further double bedrooms – all tastefully decorated and styled. LOOK AT THE BATHS!

Just think how great it would be to make a whole weekend of your wedding. Your bridal party and groomsmen can fill the accommodation with you, there’s loads of space to really enjoy yourselves and make memories.

Photography on your Amazing day

While you’re making memories, you need someone to document them (hi there). The way I shoot weddings is to be a guest, and take pictures of moments as they happen. I don’t set things up, contrive situations or lead the day in any way (unless you want a little nudge at any point). Find out more about why you should book a documentary wedding photographer (me) here

As I’ve said, this venue it really amazing, so many well thought out areas, which mean that when I’m documenting your day, the surroundings also look cool!

If you’re looking for The Cow Shed wedding photographer, then I’d love to have a chat about covering your day. Contact me today to arrange a chat.

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