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Mmmm… Wedding cake. I love cake, all cake is amazing, fact. Well, apart from fruit cake, that can piss off.

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It’s a big part of your day, not because you stand in front of it and pretend to cut it (please don’t do that), but because it’s another opportunity for you to put your personality into your day – the flavours, the decorations etc.

It’s also a centrepiece for your venue, it’s something most people look at when they enter the room – you have so many options with decorations and colours that you can make it fit your theme. With that in mind, I went and visited Michele at Love Life, Eat Cake recently to see how she puts her beautiful creations together.

Michele also contributed to my guide (Holy S**TBALLS, you’re getting married) which you can grab here. It’s filled with loads of tips for planning your day and making sure it’s exactly what YOU want.

Over to Michele to offer some words of wisdom…

Choosing Your Cake, and Cake Designer

Apart from the photography, the dress, and venue decor, the wedding cake is one of the most important elements at a wedding. It will be a focus point for the room, and will feature in lots of pictures. What’s worse than a gorgeous couple next to a naff looking cake? No! Not on!

Firstly, research wedding cake trends. This doesn’t mean you can’t personalise your cake, talk to your wedding cake designer as they will be able to suggest how you can incorporate your personalities into your cake.

Book Early

I can never say this often enough. Every time someone asks me ‘How much notice do you need?’ My answer is always as soon as possible.

If you come across a cake maker at a wedding fayre and you like them, you like their work and you like the taste of their cakes, their prices suit your budget…..BOOK THEM STRAIGHT AWAY.

Most wedding cake makers give you plenty of time to decide on the final design. The important thing is to reserve the date then worry about the look and design later. More often than not, you secure their current prices and would avoid any increases they make nearer to your date.

Fondant Icing

These are very versatile cakes and gives a beautifully finished look if done properly – design possibilities are endless – so you can really put your personalities into it. The fondant also keeps the cake moist and fresh for longer.

Buttercream Icing

These are less versatile in terms of design compared to fondant covered cakes. They work well with fresh flowers and foliage – not the best choice for a hot summer wedding unless you are sure the venue is well air-conditioned. They don’t keep for as long as a fondant covered cake and needs to be refrigerated.

Naked Cakes

A great option for a rustic/barn wedding. These work well with fresh flowers, foliage and fruits – fabulous for a summery style wedding and a winter wedding too. Make sure the venue is well air-conditioned if it will be a hot day. They dry out a little faster than buttercream or fondant covered cakes.


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