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You're getting married, now what?

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You’ve decided to get married, yayy! Congratulations! Now what?

Well, there’s quite a lot to do… Having shot over 50 weddings in the last two years I thought I’d put together a little guide to help you. If you’ve taken a look around my site you’ll see that I’m pretty relaxed about things, this guide is no different.

I’ve designed this wedding planning guide to be useful, funny, and full of ways to sell myself local suppliers offering tips.

Promise I won’t send you loads of emails, and I promise you’ll find it useful. WARNING – May contain high levels of sarcasm and a few swears (duh).


very useful

You should definitely download this guide; it’s very useful. Barney has spent a long time making it, and, to be honest, I’m pleased he’s finished it so we can start watching Game of Thrones

Liz (Barney’s wife)

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